One of the biggest mistakes I see copywriters make is writing for the biggest possible group, not an individual person.

Much like when you’re on stage, you don’t want to try and talk to a group – it’s basically impossible to have a dialogue with a group, but you can have a dialogue with an individual. An individual can be engaged by you, enthralled by what you’re saying and ready to take action.

When you’re writing copy, have in mind the person you are writing it for. This is sometimes called persona marketing, but I like to take it a step deeper. Think of someone you know, maybe even a customer who has bought from you. What do they want to hear? What words do they use that will resonate for them in a strong way.

You know that reaction some people have when they see a product or hear someone saying something that feels like it was plucked straight out of their head? That’s what you’re looking for.

How do you know who the right person is and what language they use? Who is your ideal customer? Spend time with them. They will tell you if you’re listening.