How can you become an Irreplaceable Coach?

How do you show yourself as the kind of coach who can’t be replaced by just any other coach?

How do you go from a slow trickle of new clients to having a constant stream of people asking specifically for you?

Are you ready to define who you serve so that your ideal clients are excited to reach out to you and pay the rate you set?

“I want to impact more people with my coaching”

There have been massive changes in our industry that allow you to make more impact than ever before. Unfortunately, most people have no idea how to marry their knowledge of coaching with the tools and techniques that top coaches use to find their perfect clients.

There is an overwhelming amount of information about the best tech that “everyone is using”. Webinars, Instagram Story ads, Facebook, Adwords, YouTube… the list goes on. These platforms all have their potential but doing all of them at once will lead to burnout quickly, and you’ll waste a lot of time and money without knowing why.

I’ve spent the last two years and tens of thousands of dollars building my niche coaching website and my client’s online brands, and I’ll help you figure out how to get the same results for a fraction of the cost.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use the kinds of words that your ideal client will just devour. They will be thinking the whole time how is this coach reading my mind?
  • Connect with your ideal customer where they are by creating content that resonates with them.
  • Build systems that will bring clients to you regardless of your technical skill.
  • Overcome your barriers and help your coachees overcome theirs!

What tools am I supposed to use?


Is it a good use of your time to blog weekly or even daily? What should I write about? How does this lead to actual customers?

Social Media

How does Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn actually factor into my business goals. Is it worth the (big) time investment?


How do the words I choose to use affect who will be interested in doing coaching with me? How do I sell without sounding “sales-y”?

Content Marketing

Why are people always talking about “creating content” – what does this mean and why can’t I spend my time doing what I’m good at: coaching!

Learning how to represent yourself as a coach is critical to getting more clients.

Which kind of coach does this work for?

Life Coaches

Performance Coaches

Wellness Coaches

Career Coaches

Leadership Coaches

Management Coaches

Executive Coaches

Empowerment Coaches

Relationship Coaches

…and others too!

Who is Charlie and why should you listen to him?

I’m a coach just like you

I started coaching in 2016 after I launched my website Live Work Play Japan.

I had seen so many people just like myself coming to Japan with big dreams, but then getting stuck in low paying jobs that didn’t value them. I had worked my way up into great jobs that paid me very well and that required far less of my time, so I wanted to share how I did that to help others to do the same.

I started my website initially to help people like me, but it grew into something much bigger than I expected. Now I get tens of thousands of hits per month and a constant stream of potential coaching clients who are excited to connect with me as an authority in my niche.

Government agencies supporting startups have paid me to come and speak, and I have digital marketing clients who saw my success on Facebook and Google (SEO) who hired me to help them do the same. 

I’m not saying any of this to brag, as I know I still have a long way to go to make the impact I want to make. It took me years to get good enough at this to charge the kind of rates that allowed me to keep doing this work that I care so much about. But it doesn’t have to take you years. You could do it in just 10 structured and thought-provoking lessons.

What You’ll Learn

The Irreplaceable coach course is broken up into 10 core lessons.

Each lesson will guide you to find out who your real customers are and how to reach them in the most effective way possible. Taking this course will put control over your coaching business into your hands. If you apply the lessons you learned here, your coaching practice will start to improve. Before you know it, you’ll have your perfect clients coming directly to you, and ready to pay the rates you set.

Here’s how it works:

Foundations Module

I see a lot of people wanting to know the best tactics to get more Instagram followers, more engagement on their videos and tricks on how to get people to take the action you want. Before any tactical talk, you need to know the foundations that will allow your coaching service to thrive even when the tactics don’t work anymore.

Who are you choosing

Who are the right people and how do you know? More importantly, how do they know that you are the right person to help them?

It's Personal

When you know your perfect customer, how they think and what their hopes and dreams are, they will feel seen by you and want to choose you.

What are you promising

Do you have unrealistic promises that you can never live up to? Does your promise resonate with the people you want to serve?

The Lizard Brain

What is holding you back from taking your coaching business to the next level? It’s not just a lack of clients, a big part of it is yourself. Fix this for yourself, and you can fix it for others.

Use Their Words

Coaching is an art, and if you are a coach that means you are an empathetic and creative person. Understanding how you, your coachees and your potential clients talk about what you do is essential for bringing the right kind of people to you, and showing them why you’re worth every penny and more of your asking price.

You’ll learn how to use words that resonate with your clients here:

Copywriting to Create Resonance

How do you write words that resonate with your audience? This lesson is so critical as it will get you on the path to writing words your perfect client loves.

Connecting with Emotions and Stories

If you look like an amateur online, you’ll attract amateurs who don’t want to pay you what you’re worth. I’ll show you how to use storytelling to maximum effect.

What do they say about you?

Are your clients excited to recommend you to others publicly? This lesson will show you how to get rave reviews that are the ultimate social proof.

Connecting with Your People

Now that we know who our ideal customer is and how to use words that connect with them deeply, now you’ll want to bring them to you. Content creation, offering value and consistently showing up to serve your people will be critical to getting consistent clients and referrals.

You’ll learn this through the following three lessons:

Generosity works better than ever

Giving generously means showing up and providing more value than is expected. It works and it’s a great way to buid your coaching business.

Showing up in your way

What kind of content is your ideal client looking for? This lesson will be all about how to make content that brings you the right kind of attention.

Reaching Out

In the last lesson you’ll learn how to find the perfect tools to connect with your people. Where do they “hang out” both offline and online, and what will they react positively to?

“There’s nothing like this anywhere else, online or offline.”

If you are committed to serving your coaching clients and making a positive impact on their lives, then this course will help you reach them, get their attention and connect with them.

This isn’t a cakewalk. This is hard and it will require some real up front work from you. That is a good thing. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

If it’s right for you, I hope you’ll take a step to becoming an Irreplaceable Coach.