Some bullies use activism to hide the fact that they enjoy hurting people. You can spot them by how they treat people they disagree with:
– name calling and piling on (especially online where they can meld into a crowd of other bullies)
– personal attacks (but never addressing ideas themselves)
– playing victim when they are submitted to the same treatment in return as they dish out
It’s the same as when we were kids, just that now they use fraudulent social science books and journals (like Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility”, one of the most detestably racist books I’ve ever read and currently a #1 bestseller 🤮) to support their need to dominate.
They are bullies, and what were you taught to do to bullies as a kid? Rather than kneeling, shining their shoes, or saying what they tell you to say, you MUST stand up to them. They will show themselves for who they are. Bullies.