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Despairing Against Yourself

Despairing against yourself and getting the job done at all costs might make you feel good when you finally get the work done, but in the end it trains you to react in the same way to work you don’t feel like doing right now: with despair.

Don’t Get Used To It

When we remember how amazing so many things are in our lives, and that three hundred years ago almost everyone on the planet essentially owned basically nothing, it gives us some perspective.

No More Punishments, No More Rewards

Judgement is the root of violence. It takes people and puts them into two groups, good people who deserve rewards, and bad people who deserve punishment.

Nobody Cares About Your Art

This is a fundamental rule of permission marketing: nobody cares about your art. Why? People are paradoxically two things at the same time: constantly selfish and looking for what benefits them, and also committed to making life more wonderful for other human beings...

Catastrophizing is Dividing Us

No matter which political ideologies you agree or disagree with, catastrophizing is creating division on a scale that we haven't seen in generations. Every time the right talks about the left, they are reduced to entitled snowflakes, pushing their thought police,...

Any Benefit From Social Media?

As my friends now realise, I'm back on Facebook. I didn't miss it while I was gone from mid February until the end of March, but I had a lot of time to think about why we use social networking sites (SNS) and what the benefit is. One of the first reasons I felt I...

Joy, Flow and Balance Improves Your Business

When you're happy with your work it has a big effect on your life. The opposite is just as true. People talk about work life balance but for me the two are so intertwined that I don't find that distinction helpful. It's much more helpful to think about when I have joy...