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Take Control of your Life

Get career & performance coaching with Charlie Moritz

What Future Do You Envision?

Just as every athlete has a performance coach, the young men and women looking to reach the top of their game need one too.

If you want to level up and build your dream career, make more money and help more people, committing to coaching with me will help you to stop stalling.

Take Control

What difference can my coaching make for you?

  • It’s the difference between working a job you don’t love for your whole life, and pushing yourself to your limit and finding that thing that makes you great.
  • It’s the difference between making just enough money to get by, and doing work that enables you to earn what you’re worth.
  • It’s the difference between struggling through clearing the meaningless tasks off your to-do list, and performing at the peak of your game.

You are like a sports car that could push twice as much horsepower with the right tune-up. You already have the engine to get you there, but you could spend your whole life missing out on all that extra power if you don’t get the most out of it.

That’s what I offer. You, but fine-tuned.

  • Find your dream job
  • level up your skills
  • build confidence
  • learn to negotiatE your life


Why haven’t you started yet?

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What Others Are Saying

I wanted to change my career but didn’t even know where to start.

Thanks to Charlie I didn’t get lost in the endless sea of information and insecurity, but could focus on the things that would bring me forward.


My life has been on a positive trajectory since Charlie became my coach, no doubt. He helped solidify my values and we crafted my life’s mission statement, which I now use as my compass when making life changing decisions.
I’m so grateful that I met him when I did.

I asked Charlie for help because I know he is interested in helping people to find their own “why”.

Charlie helped me realise that it’s possible to work as a freelancer in Japan and pursue my dreams. I’ve been in Japan for over a year now!


Get Out Of Your Own Way

My coaching service isn’t about giving advice – my belief is that you are naturally capable and powerful, not someone who needs to be fixed. I will push you to get clear on why you do what you do, and help you align your life with your values.

Without any judgement or agenda, I’ll keep you accountable to your words so you can take a radical leap forward.

It’s Time To Take Action

With every client I coach we will decide a specific goal that we will work together to achieve within 3-6 months.

  • Deal with your mental blocks and be cured of conflict aversion, procrastination and scarcity mindset.
  • Results focussed so you can recognise your value and start getting everyone else to recognise it too.
  • What conversation are you avoiding, and why aren’t you doing what you want to do?

Here are my offerings:


  • Two One-to-One meetings per month either in person* or on Skype.
  • Find your why and start taking steps to align your life with your values.
  • Regular contact between sessions to maintain your momentum.


  • Four One-to-One meetings per month (either in person or on Skype).
  • For people who need impressive results faster.
  • Regular contact, accountability and results metrics built into the coaching process.

Group Coaching

  • On your schedule (min: two times per month)
  • Coaching sessions for small groups (max: six people)
  • Focus on building communication and leadership so your team can do the best work they have ever done.

Get a Free Discovery Session

It’s 15 minutes for the rest of your life.

We’ll talk about:

  • Where you are now
  • Where you want to go
  • How we will get you there together.

What are you waiting for?

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo